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                                        Nutritional Support Formulas

                                        Custom Blended Powders
                                        Formulated by veterinarians with clinical experience in the treatment of chronic diseases with therapeutic nutrition, 
                         our Nutraceutical Support Formulas are a safe, side effect free product choice. They are based upon the data collected 
                 from thousands of Nutritional Blood Tests (NBT’s) performed in affiliation with Antech Diagnostics and years of clinical 
                 use; and, they consist of a combination of the highest quality nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, 
                         phytonutrients, herbs and homeopathics. 

                 Fixed Formulas

                 Based upon the requests from numerous veterinarians who recognize the need for therapeutic nutraceutical protocols 
                 for the more common diseases and degenerative conditions, ANT has introduced a comprehensive line of fixed 
                 formulations available only to veterinarians. 

                 This product line is unique in that its therapy is based upon the science and data of thousands of nutritional blood 
                 tests and meets the individual metabolic requirements of the animals. In addition, it satisfies the requests and 
                         economic preferences the client feels are best for their animals. The following is a brief guide to the Fixed Formula 
                 product line, and provides a general protocol recommendation for treatment of the more common symptoms and 

                 Our Fixed Formula Products 

              • Consist of twenty clinically selected formulations, which are condition specific and designed to address the                     most common diseases 
              • Are compatible with most medications and can be prescribed for patients with chronic and neoplastic                           diseases. 
              • Meet the needs of those of you who independently use home treatment nutraceuticals. 
              • Are a new generation of health care products generating increased healing opportunities and good will. 

      Adrenal Support Formula supplies the repair factors (RNA/DNA) required for proper and optimal function of the
      adrenal glands. It helps to regulate sodium-potassium balance and supplies nutrients, amino acids and minerals 
      required by hyper and hypo- functioning adrenal glands. 

      Behavioral/Emotional Support Formula supplies the vitamins (C, A, E, B5, B6), minerals (magnesium, zinc), 
      amino acids (tryptophan) and nutrients (lecithin, phosphatidylserine) required for the brain’s metabolic pathway. It 
      has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on the brain and peripheral nerves, promoting emotional balance and a sense 
      of well-being. It helps promote tranquility and calm, especially in stressful conditions such as thunderstorms, 
      fireworks, automobiles, boarding, grooming and veterinary hospital visits. 

      Blood and Bone Support Formula provide the required hematinic nutrients, vitamins and minerals including 
      iron, vitamin B12, folic acid and liver. It is beneficial for cellular membranes and helps to regenerate and oxygenate 
      red blood cells. 

      Bone Support Formula is high in esterase, amino acids and vitamin D and supports the metabolism of phosphorus 
      and calcium. It is a source of trace minerals such as boron and silica, essential in the healing and metabolic processes 
      of bones. 

      Brain Nerve Support Formula supports DNA synthesis and provides growth and repair nutrients for the brain 
      and nervous system. It supplies magnesium and zinc as well as lecithin, which is required for insulation of nerves. It 
      has a calming and quieting effect on the nervous system.

      Bronchus/Lung/Sinus Support Formula provides repair nutrients for the bronchus, lungs and membranes 
      including vitamins A, D, E and amino acids. It supports oxygen and carbon dioxide transport and has a dilating and 
      relaxing effect on the bronchus. 

      Cardiac Support Formula supplies amino acids (taurine and carnitine) vitamin E, minerals (magnesium and 
      selenium) and antioxidants (coenzyme Q10) required for optimum cardiac output, regular heart rhythm and proper 
      blood flow. In addition, it helps regenerate and strengthen heart muscle while maintaining elasticity of blood vessels. 
      Cartilage/Ligament/Muscle/ Skeletal Support Formula supplies glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) along with 
      vitamins C, E, A plus minerals manganese and magnesium. It helps regenerate connective tissue, cartilage and 
      tendons while reducing inflammation at the cellular level. It supports production of synovial fluid, helps maintain 
      elasticity and reduce inflammation and pain. 

      Ear Support Formula helps promote proper functioning of the ear and assists in cellular repair. It helps minimize 
      infections while strengthening hearing. It supplies vitamins A and C as well as essential amino acids and minerals. 

      Eye Support Formula supplies RNA, vitamins A, C and lutein that help promote proper functioning of the eye, 
      assist in cellular repair and maintain and strengthen vision. 

      Esophageal/Gastric Support Formula has an antacid effect on the stomach via sodium and enterogastrone, 
      which help to reduce stomach motility and acid production. In addition, this formula is tissue sparing and helps to 
      protect the mucosa, thereby reducing the risk of ulceration and minimizing autoimmune reaction such as in IBD. 

      Female Support Formula helps to normalize female function especially after being spayed. It supports proper 
      somatic growth and improves energy levels, mental activity and muscle tone. It supplies vitamins A and E, zinc and 
      iron as well as essential amino acids. 

      Gingival/Mouth Support Formula has an anti-inflammatory and anti-infection effect on mucous membranes of 
      the mouth. It supplies vitamins (C, A, E) and minerals (selenium, zinc) and antioxidants (Coenzyme Q10) all of which 
      help to protect and are tissue sparing on the mucosa of the mouth and gums. 
      Immune/Autoimmune/Cancer Support Formula offers supportive and regenerative effects on the glands and 
      cells of the humeral and cellular immune system. The formula provides nutrients required by the body for the 
      maintenance of homeostasis. In addition it has a tissue-sparing effect in autoimmune conditions and supports the 
      normal pattern of cell division. 

      Intestinal/IBD Support Formula has an antacid effect on the GI tract. It supplies the amino acid L-glutamine 
      that supports intestinal health. The formula protects the mucosa from inflammation and ulceration and is helpful in 
      chronic conditions such as IBD. 

      Kidney Support Formula contains growth and repair (RNA/DNA) factors required for improved kidney function. It 
      helps to regulate protein metabolism by balancing the metabolic functions of the liver, pituitary and adrenal glands, 
      thereby reducing the excretion stress on the kidney. It also promotes metabolic detoxification while helping to reduce 
      inflammation and improve function. 

      Liver/Gall Bladder Support Formula supplies vitamins (C, A, E, K, B2, folic acid), minerals (calcium, zinc), 
      amino acids (methionine, taurine and cysteine) that support metabolic detoxification and cellular regeneration. It 
      nutritionally supports under-functioning and inflamed liver cells. It also replenishes the vitamins and minerals 
      required for the proper functioning of the reticulo-endothelial system. 

      Male/Prostate Support Formula supplies the vitamins (A, E), minerals (zinc) and amino acids (methionine) 
      required for energy levels, somatic growth, mental activity and muscle tone. It helps to normalize male function 
      especially after being altered.

      Pancreas Endocrine /Exocrine Support Formula helps to reduce inflammation by supplying antioxidant 
      vitamins and specific amino acids. It supports pancreatic enzyme levels while helping digestion and assimilation and 
      reducing flatulence. It supplies minerals (chromium and vanadium) that help in the metabolism and regulation of 
      blood glucose levels. 

      Pituitary/Hypothalamus/Pineal Support Formula helps to promote proper protein, carbohydrate and fat 
      metabolism and supplies essential amino acids (methionine and glutamine). It promotes hair growth and supports 
      emotional health and behavior. It also supports the body’s organ function including thyroid, pancreas and adrenal 

      Skin Support Formula supplies vitamins (C, A, E, B6), minerals (zinc, potassium), fatty and amino acids that 
      support new cell growth and metabolic functioning of the skin. It helps to regulate moisture and circulation and 
      reduces inflammation. It also helps promote detoxification and elimination of metabolic wastes through the skin. 

      Thyroid Support Formula supports proper cell growth and regeneration. It helps to reduce inflammation and 
      autoimmune reactions. It supports thyroid and pituitary metabolism by supplying antioxidant vitamins (A, C & E),
      amino acids as well as naturally occurring iodine. 

      Urinary Bladder Support Formula contains repair (RNA/DNA) factors for the urinary tract. It helps reduce 
      inflammation in the bladder and urethra and improves muscular control function of the sphincter. It also helps 
      promote detoxification and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 

      Professional Services 
      Animal Nutrition Technologies was founded by a veterinarian with over 30 years of clinical experience in nutrition and 
      its integration into conventional practice. The ANT Team consists of professional people who are dedicated to serving 
      anyone who recognizes the importance of offering therapeutic nutrition to their animals. 

      Animal Nutrition Technologies offers a complimentary telephone consultation for licensed veterinarians who are new 
      to the Nutritional Blood Test and Nutraceutical Support Formulas. The consultation is designed to interpret and bring 
      clinical clarity to practitioners nutraceutical programs and to assist with the integration of nutritional with 
      conventional medicine. 

      Our 3 levels of vet to vet consultations 

                     1.  With an NBT: Includes a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bob Goldstein for new practitioners. 
                     2.  Consultation without an NBT: $50 
                     3.  Protocol Evaluation without an NBT: $50

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