The Science of Nutraceutical Therapy

              Animal Nutrition Technologies Nutraceutical Therapy consists of the following 4-step approach:

    The ANT NBT Process


   Nutritional Blood Test

   What is a Nutritional Blood Test?

           The Nutritional Blood Test, or NBT, is a diagnostic tool used by veterinarians who recognize the importance of
   integrating nutrition with patient care. The NBT assesses the health of internal organs and the available vitamins,
           minerals, and enzymes required for the metabolic processes. Using blood results and medical history, the NBT
   prioritizes the nutrients required to help optimize organ function and balance metabolism.

                   It then matches the results to specific Nutraceuticals that support a clinical response. The NBT nutritional therapy is
           adjunctive to your other methods of treatment. In addition, the supplements that comprise the NBT Nutraceutical
   Therapy can help improve chronic conditions and support the healing process. Even if the patient is already using
   supplements, the NBT enhances the ability to dispense them effectively.

   The NBT is not meant to diagnose a particular disease, recommend medical therapy or replace current diagnostic
           protocols. The NBT nutritional therapy is adjunctive to other methods of treatment. In addition, the supplements that
   comprise the NBT Nutraceutical Therapy can help improve chronic conditions and support the healing process even if
   you’re already using supplements for your animal.

           How Does the NBT Work?

   The levels of certain chemicals in the blood are the end result of the metabolic processes and the utilization or
           excretion of the metabolic wastes from the body. The NBT looks beyond chemical testing and quantitative assays to
   identify imbalances that are due to poor nutrient absorption, utilization or metabolism. One contributing factor to the
   reported steady rise in chronic degenerative diseases in animals is the inadequate levels of vitamins, minerals,
   enzymes and vital nutrients found in many highly processed, commercially prepared foods. Over time, the animal’s
           nutrient reserves can become depleted, paving the way to disease. The NBT is a valuable tool for correcting these
   deficiencies and guiding sick animals back to health.

   The Optimum Range

   Within the normal blood reference range, there are subtle gradations of tissue integrity and organ efficiency that can
   be measured. The NBT assessment relies on an Optimum Range, an additional set of parameters that are narrower
           than the traditional reference range and in which organs and metabolic processes are functioning at peak efficiency.
   Results outside of the optimum range do not necessarily indicate disease. They do, however, indicate that a particular
   organ system is not functioning at optimal efficiency, and may require nutritional support. Just as the interpretation                        
   outside the normal range forms the basis for the diagnosis of a specific disease, the optimum range interpretation
   forms the basis for determining optimal- not just “passable”- health. The NBT compares the blood results to the
   optimum range. When a value falls outside of the optimum range, the underlying physiology and metabolism, as well
   as the specific glands involved and nutrients used by the body for these processes, are assessed. The assessment is
           further evaluated in combination with the diagnosis and the clinical signs, resulting in a recommended NBT
           Nutraceutical Program that is specific to your animal.

   The Results of the NBT
     Click for full sample NBT

   The NBT provides a unique veterinary-client lab report that prescribes the most effective combination of nutrients
   including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and raw glandulars, specifically blended to match the imbalances found in the
           animal's blood. These nutrients are precisely dosed according to the animal's weight and the severity of the
   imbalances or deficiencies The nutrient combination, referred to as the NBT Nutraceutical Therapy, is given orally in
   an easy-to-use powder along with symptom-oriented liquid remedies. In the powdered form, the designated number
   of “scoopfuls” is simply mixed with the animal's food. Liquids are given orally, separate from the food. All remedies are
   custom-prescribed and individually labeled.

   Advantages of Using Custom Blended Powder and Liquid Formulas Palatable
               ? Easy to Administer
               ? Dosed By Weight Of Animal
       ? Food Grade Quality
       ? Scientifically Linked to Blood Work
         ? Free of Chemical Additives, Preservatives And Fillers
         ? Maximum Assimilation And High Bio Availability

   How to Order an NBT
               Click to download NBT form

   Arrange for your animal to visit your veterinarian and request a Nutritional Blood Test (NBT). The NBT includes your
   animal’s routine blood work (CBC, Super Chem (w/LDH), T-4) along with the 9945 NBT form or a blood test
   questionnaire. After receiving the NBT results (typically within 3 to 5 days) your veterinarian is entitled to a Vet-to-
   Vet consultation with an ANT Veterinarian to go over your animal’s NBT results, after which, you may order the
   custom-blended nutraceutical powder or symptom-oriented liquid remedies either through your veterinarian.

   If you would like to start a NBTs, please call our Veterinarian Services Department at (888) 533-5162 or email us.

   Forms for Download

   Complete and Comprehensive Information Guide

     Quality Manufacturing
   Animal Nutrition Technologies manufactures a line of powders, fixed formulas and liquid supplements that are made
   from the absolute best ingredients and manufactured at the highest standards of quality and reliability.

   Product ingredients

     ANT has capability to provide custom blended powder formula pulling from an array of over a hundred different
   nutraceutical ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and raw glandulars.

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