For Consumers
                           Value of Nutritional Supplement

                                                        In response to recent high-profile incidents, there has been an increase in the level of awareness for the safety and 
                nutritional content for the food that we and our animals consume. In addition, increasing clinical analysis has proven 
        the effectiveness that nutrition plays in promoting good health and also as part of a formal, holistic health remedies. 


        The Nutritional Blood Test (NBT) is not only beneficial as adjunctive therapy for serious ailments but also for helping to 
        prevent disease in apparently healthy animals. While the NBT has historically been utilized for patients with chronic 
        disorders, an increasing number of veterinarians have begun to utilize the NBT in preventive veterinary medicine for 
        adult and senior patients. 

                The NBT is based upon the principle that changes occur in the blood before symptoms appear. Since the NBT identifies 
        nutrient requirements and early warning signs of impending disease, it is the perfect tool to incorporate into an 
        animal’s annual physical examination. 

        Nutraceutical Therapy
        Alternative veterinary therapy complements conventional treatment, but it focuses more on the health of the total 
        body and less on signs and symptoms. It is not at odds with conventional practice, but is instead a tool to help 
        support healing and maintain wellness. Because it is based on a Nutritional Blood Test or NBT, it provides proactive 
        and early warning opportunities to detect and improve health through specific and tailored nutritional therapies. 

        Improving the health and overall quality of life of the animal is achieved when a holistic evaluation and diagnosis is 
        made that seeks to support the immune system and target specific maladies and minimize symptoms over the long-
        term. A proper and prudent balance of immune support and medical (or surgical) management is the most preferred 
        and integrative form of medical practice and health management. 

        While nutraceutical therapies are typically gentler than prescribed medications, they achieve long-term affects and 
        health improvement. For example, while arthritis pain can be relieved more quickly by aspirin or prednisone, long-
                        term resolution of pain and inflammation often is dependent upon enhanced nutrition and improved metabolism, 
        which are only addressed through improved nutrition and nutraceutical treatment. 

        Clinical Analysis has affirmed that optimum nutrition helps slow the onset and progression of chronic disease because 
        it restores balance and promotes healing by supporting the metabolic pathways that energize the healing system. In 
        addition, it helps reduce the inflammation that predisposes an animal to disease. Its use, either alone or in 
        combination with appropriate medication, contributes to the day-to-day wellness of the animal. 

           Talking with your VET 

        Arrange for your animal to visit your veterinarian and request a Nutritional Blood Test (NBT). The NBT requires a copy 
        of your animal’s routine blood work (CBC, Super Chem(w/LDH), T-4) along with the 9945 NBT form or a blood test 
        questionnaire. After receiving the NBT results (typically within 3 to 5 days) your veterinarian is entitled to a 
        complimentary Vet-to-Vet consultation with an ANT Veterinarian to go over your animal’s NBT results, after which, 
        you may order the custom-blended nutraceutical powder or symptom-oriented liquid remedies through your 

        If your veterinarian is not routinely doing NBTs and is unclear as to how one is done, please have him call our 
        Veterinarian Customer Service Department at (888) 533-5162 or e-mail at